Using Cute Lingerie to Strengthen Intimacy

When we think of cute lingerie we have a tendency to think of it as a costume that triggers and initiates sex - and a costume we don't plan to wear for very long, either. In fact, one reason some women reject cute lingerie has nothing to do with modern thinking or women's rights, and everything to do with spending forty minutes getting the outfit on, doing hair and makeup, and then having the whole kit torn off and possibly stained after just a few moments of excitement. Not that people are necessarily complaining about their lingerie being torn off in heated passion.

But cute lingerie is meant to be more than just a momentary kink that acts as kindling - though it certainly does a good job at that. No, lingerie can also be a bridge between two partners, a way of building intimacy between them all day long that is less of an incendiary spark and more of a slow burn.

Lingerie Intimacy for Her

One obvious way this can work is when a man buys lingerie for his partner, and she wears it all day long. This obviously requires the man to know a bit more about cute lingerie than just what he likes - comfort and practicality have to be considered. But 'lingerie' literally means 'underwear' - it doesn't have to involve frills and lace and complicated straps. A pair of comfy but sexy undies that he has selected just for her will remind her all day long that he is thinking about her in a sexual, intimate way - and that is very exciting.
Lingerie Intimacy for Him

They don't make much in the way of male lingerie, of course, but the same principle can apply. Giving your man a piece of subtle lingerie, such as a garter, to wear under his clothes all day will not only give him a thrill of kink, but will serve to remind him all day long that you're thinking of him and waiting to see him later.

The feel of special underwear triggers the tactile part of the brain that connects what we feel physically with what we feel emotionally, tying us closer together and ensuring that even when we're apart we're connected. That's the true power of lingerie. For the next anniversary, birthday, or date night, consider boosting intimacy with a gift of cute lingerie.


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