How the Right Gym Clothes Combined With a Killer Workout Can Transform Your Whole Attitude

by Jenny Lee February 18, 2014

Have you ever gotten in the car, gym clothes a little damp, cranked the music, kicked you’re head back and said, “yes!” Women don’t always use a killer workout as a means to increase their strength or to loose some LBs, some days it’s nothing more, nothing less than a way to relieve a mound of stress.


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My boss is driving me flipping crazy. I forgot my kid’s lunch box…again. I need a maid, like everyday! Ugh..payroll taxes are due. Any of these statements sound remotely familiar? Does a good sweaty workout or a long run help take away some of that built up tension that inadvertently comes with everyday life? Many women find that the right gym clothes (comfortable, functional, fashionable) and a workout that leaves them breathless can be a downright cure to relieving stress. “I own a busy wing and Philly restaurant. My day is consumed with multitasking! Crossfit fits my schedule and erases my stress with challenging and fun workouts. No other workout measures up for me.” says Kelly Heth, owner of Skinny Petes.


Studies have shown that mentally and physically, men and women react differently to stress. According to the American Psychological Association, a recent study reported some interesting facts.

  • Women are more likely than men to report a great deal of stress.
  • Women are more likely to stress about money and the economy, while men are stress ridden from their jobs.
  • Married women report higher levels of stress than single women.

Some women feel the stress comes off when the right gym clothes come on. If the American Psychological Association included a question regarding stress levels related to fashion, the answer may go something like this; “women are far more likely than men to feel less stressed and overall happier when they feel dynamite in what they’re wearing.” Gym clothes are no different in this regard. Women feel good when the clothing and accessories feels right and allows room to move with the exercise. Who wants to train for a marathon and have to conquer 10 miles with their pants fitting wrong in all the wrong places?

Bottom line…when you're feeling stressed, there is nothing better that an awesome workout. There is nothing better than to leave that stress far behind.

So, gear up and get to "KILLING IT!" (the workout that is.) 





Jenny Lee
Jenny Lee


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