The Key to Buying the Best Workout Pants for Women

by Jenny Lee March 06, 2014



Moisture wicking fabric has been a key element in manufacturing workout pants for women. Moisture management, breathability, odor elimination, antibacterial, eco-friendly have all been common phrases for athletic brands.

 women's workout pants moisture wicking

What is “moisture wicking?”

By definition, “wick” means “to absorb or draw off (liquid) by capillary action.” The purpose is to draw perspiration and sweat off the skin and out to the exterior of the fabric. The best way to think about moisture wicking materials, also known as “high performance” is to remember that it should keep you warm in cold weather and cool in warm weather. Plain and simple! A common misconception with these types of fabrics is they cause less perspiration. Sorry, but if you’re a “sweater”, you’re still going to sweat. However, by wearing moisture wicking workout pants or a moisture wicking sports bra, you’re more likely to feel comfortable and focus on what you need to be focusing on, the workout!


Why is it fabulous?

When you’re going out for a nice afternoon jog, the weather is a little chilly, the one piece that can’t be removed when layered is your pants. The cute essential jacket or long sleeve-t, can be wrapped around your waist. The hat and mittens can be stuffed in your pockets and zipped up. Without a moisture wicking fabric, the sweat becomes trapped near the skin, since there is nowhere to evaporate. There is nothing worse than to freeze during a workout. On the other hand, a Crossfit workout, otherwise known as a WOD, where there is usually (again…usually) no air conditioning, moisture wicking workout pants are crucial.


What to look for when buying?

When you touch a pair of workout pants for women and they are moisture wicking pants, they tend to feel soft, stretchy and lightweight. Although the material can mimic the softness found in cotton, the softness usually comes from woven polyester or synthetic ultra fine fibers. Make sure to check the tag or product description. Look for garments made from polyester, merino wool, polished fleece, capilene, etc. Look for words like fast drying, wicking or breathability. While it can be great finding a moisture wicking sports bra for running on a hot summers day, finding workout pants that provide temperature control without leaving you extremely uncomfortable is key!

So, get the right workout clothing that feels good to you, then ROCK THE WORKOUT!


Jenny Lee
Jenny Lee


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