Workout Clothes Trending Hot for Summer 2014

by Jenny Lee June 12, 2014

workout top with built in bra 

The summer is SIZZLING with new trends in workout clothes!  We are seeing some amazing revelations in fitness clothing that we are incredibly excited about this summer.

First of all, it is evident that today’s workout clothes aren’t limited to the gym anymore. Women on the go are wearing workout wear, EVERYWHERE! Finally! Comfort clothing trumps those awkward outfits that we’ve been forced by unreasonable trends to wear to the post office and grocery store.  As busy women, we need to be able to squeeze our workouts in where we can and head straight to our next obligation.  Am I right or am I right?? This mass hysteria has more and more brands creating fitness clothes that you can walk right out of the gym and into the rest of your day.


This means that one of the newest trends this summer is workout clothing that looks as good as it functions.  Who said you can’t look good while sweating? This is why we love our Lole Silhouette Tank Top.  Not only will it show off those ripped tanned muscles, it also is the perfect tunic for an afternoon lunch date.


Of course, we believe that these stylish and functional clothes should also make a statement, which is why we are particularly in love with our Burnout Tank.  If you Eat Clean but Train Dirty, we know you’ll appreciate it, too.


But these cute clothes can only be useful at the gym if they perform well during hot, sweaty workouts.  All fitness fanatics know this simple fact, which is why one of the hottest trends in gym clothing this summer are pieces that are breathable and made with cooling material.

For example, our Lole Run Capris are perfect for an intense summer run or workout.  These stylish pants come in an ultrathin fabric that is designed to keep you cool.  Not only do these pants wick moisture away from the body as well as have mesh panels to allow for breathing, but they are rated at a UPF-50 protection and will keep you safe from the sun’s harmful rays.  They do it all! Except the dishes.


The final trend we are excited to see this summer are bold, electric colors.  Put away the black and embrace the rainbow!  We love our Lole Navasana Shorts for so many reasons: they are supportive and lifting, great for hot gyms and unencumbered movements (like box jumps), and come in a cooling fabric.  But what gets our heart is the Cherry color.  In these shorts you will feel fit, proud and sexy.

All in all, we are pretty ecstatic to see these hot new summer trends.  What features are you loving in your workout clothes right now?

Jenny Lee
Jenny Lee


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