Kinesio Taping: Why Crossfit athletes are covered in Rocktape

by Jenny Lee June 27, 2014

 Kinesiology Taping Crossfit

Rocktape. Is it hype or here to stay? It turns out that while it is surging in popularity, Rocktape, a brand of kinesiology tape, has been around for a decade and Crossfit athletes are covered from head to toe.
Rocktape is a kinesiology tape made specifically with the athlete in mind. To understand how Rocktape works you, first you have to understand the power of kinesiology tape, or “Kinesio Tape.”

Kinesio Tape was introduced for the first time in 1973. Dr. Kenzo Kase was an American doctor who, during his time as a chiropractor in Japan, developed a method of taping injured and strained areas in an effort to retrain the muscles and allow the body to heal itself. His belief was that Kinesio Tape could be strategically applied to act as a second skin to injured areas. In this way the “sensory feedback that was transmitted to the brain would, in turn, cause the tissues to change their response.” The body would be healed through careful retraining. “We could eliminate long term sports therapy and medications.”

Since then, we have learned more about this miracle method. According to How Stuff Works: (source:

Rocktape used for Crossfit

“The purpose of kinesiology tape is to improve circulation, support muscles and help heal and prevent muscle injury. Its primary benefit over traditional athletic tape is that it's designed to allow freedom of movement and flow of body fluids to speed the healing process. We've also learned that kinesiology tape is sweat-proof, so it won't give way in the middle of an intense workout, and it can get wet, so you can wear it in the shower or pool.”

Valeo Health Clinic as gone as far as to call Kinesio Tape “the duct tape of the human body.” (source:

As Kinesio Tape began to catch on in the next couple of decades, powerful athletes started to tune in. In the 2008 Summer Olympics athletes were noticed premiering this revolutionary product on a big stage. What they were sporting? A new type of Kinesio Tape specifically designed with the athlete in mind: Rocktape.

Crossfit athletes Rocktape

If you watched any of the recent Regional Crossfit workouts, you would have seen a plethora of Crossfit athletes, decorated in an assortment of colors, placed randomly on their bodies. While opinions continue to surface as to the “miracle healing” behind the tape, Crossfit athletes are seeing an additional and very important benefit. They use it as a recovery mechanism. As muscles become inflamed and swollen, kinesiology tape provides a stimulus in the skin that allows for faster recovery. Faster recovery is key when competing, as there are several vigorous workouts programmed for each day.

When Rocktape was developed, the UK company took great lengths to make sure that their product could withstand the vigor, heat, and sweat of intense athletic training and competition. They wanted their Kinesio Tape to be superior.

The company also increased the elasticity of their tape. While standard Kinesio Tape is made with 130-150% stretch, Rocktape boasts a 180% stretch rate. This allows athletes to have greater range of motion.

Finally, Rocktape is made in a variety of sizes (and colors). There is a product for every athlete’s body and they do not believe in a “one size fits all” solution.

Rocktape on Kerri Walsh

Today Rocktape has been seen on well known famous athletes like Lance Armstrong, Kerri Walsh, Serena Williams, as well Crossfit Games athletes, Camille Leblanc, Jason Khalipa, and Josh Bridges.

While Rocktape can be used for a variety of reasons by nearly everyone, it is important to learn how to apply it correctly. To learn more, head to Here you can purchase this amazing Kinesio Tape as well as watch tutorials on how to use it best. Depending on where you wish to apply the tape, you may need assistance with wrapping.

While the benefits of Rocktape have yet to be scientifically proven (or disproven) it is clear when talking to someone who has suffered from injuries or sustained pain that using Kinesio Tape effectively can offer huge relief to athletes.


Jenny Lee
Jenny Lee


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