Burpees, WODS, Snatches, Oh My: 6 Signs Crossfit Training Is For You

by Jenny Lee July 25, 2014

 Crossfit rowing training

Crossfit training does involve things like burpees (a lot of burpees), WODs, short for workout of the day, and snatches. Well let’s just say that snatches are a technical movement continuously improved upon, even by the top athletes. However, Crossfit is not for everybody. But, there are some things you really need to know before making your decision. You may be surprised by the answers.

  1.  Are you bored with your current workout regimen? Are you constantly looking for reasons why you can’t workout? It may be that you’ve lost the enthusiasm you once had and you are now, simply bored. Many times we get into a rut and we don’t even know we’ve reached that level.
  2. Do you have an unleashing competitive spirit? “Me Against Myself” is a common saying that you’ll find on the trendy tanks and tees in Crossfit. Yes, you may find yourself competing against some of your common compadres, but it really is you competing against yourself in order to increase your strength, endurance, time, distance, etc. It’s what you put in, that you’ll get out.
  3. Are you currently NOT seeing the results that you would like to see? If your schedule consists of the same workout every week and you’re not seeing the results that you “realistically” would like to see, then there could be an underlying issue. Now, if you’re 5’10 and a larger boned female, you might not drop down to a size 0 or 2. We have to also factor in genetics. But, by changing your diet and expanding and diversify your training, then you may meet the goals that you’re trying to reach. As Albert Einstein once said, the definition of the word “insanity” is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. If you’re doing the same training over and over, year after year, and not seeing results, well then you’re “insane”, only according to Albert Einstein that is. Aside from diet, the reason why Crossfit athletes have been known to have defined muscle tone is because they are blending high cardio with strength training, in one workout, targeting every muscle in your body. In every class there is a new workout of the day, consisting of different movements and exercises, but again, targeting and working every muscle in your body. Whether you choose Crossfit or something else, this type of training is where you see results.
  4. Are you worried about getting too “bulky”? Well, let’s just lay this baby to rest. There are two parts to this question…Eating a clean diet and genetics. The first part is pretty simple. If you are eating crap, you are going to look like crap. That is the way it is. If you are in-taking a great deal of sugar, saturated fat or trans fat, processed food, etc., you will never meet the goals you’ve set for yourself. If you’re eating unhealthy, no matter the exercise regimen, you could be looking too “bulky because the fat is not breaking down properly and instead is being stored under your skin, muscles and tissues. This can give you a bulky appearance. The second part is genetics. It’s very important and probably should be at the top of the list, because it is discussed all the time. Everyone is built and shaped differently. If you are doing Crossfit and you are bulking up, it is usually because you are trying to, by increasing your strength training. Many Crossfit members are adding additional weight lifting into their schedule to get stronger. By doing this, they are lifting more weight than cardio. If you do not add this additional time into your schedule and you are doing the standard WOD, posted on the wall, then you are getting so much cardio with the strength training that in return, you are gaining long lean muscle tone. Now, with this being said, if you’re doing Crossfit 3-4 times a week or more and you look “bulkier” than the next girl, it is usually due to genetics. That is how the human race was delivered to the earth. Have you heard of “Strong is the new sexy?” Well it’s true, but there may be some variables that you can change and some that you can’t. “Your genetics and bone structure determine the shape of your legs, according to Richard Cahill. Cahill holds a bachelor of science in Kinesiology and a professional trainer for many professional athletes. “The amount of muscle and fat that you have on your legs determines how your legs look. The genetic makeup of your body determines where you store fat. Some people store more fat in their upper bodies while others store more fat in their midsections.” You shouldn’t let the thought of becoming too “bulky” deter you from trying Crossfit. Every time the clock begins, you have total control of your body. Again, it’s what you put in, that you’ll get out.
  1. Would you like to challenge yourself in new ways? Most Crossfit programs offer a free fundamentals course. It’s aside from the normal workout classes. It’s more or less, a “come and check it out” class, where you will learn techniques and proper form for common exercises like, squats, deadlifts, and kipping pull-ups. What you will come to identify pretty quickly are some of your strengths and weaknesses. Many “newbies” have already had experience in running or some sort of weight training. During these fundamental courses, also known as “on ramp” classes, they’ll identify with exercises they’ve done in the past or something new that looks challenging. The beauty of Crossfit is that no one is an expert at everything. Even the top competitors will tell you that there is something that they are continuously trying to improve upon. If you have friends that are active in the Crossfit community, they will tell you that the challenge is what keeps them coming back for more. There is no better feeling than to work your tail off at something you couldn’t do before and then after a great deal of perseverance and dedication, you finally get it.
  2. Would you like to build new relationship surrounded by motivation and support? The “Crossfit Community” according to The Tabata Times, “has recently crossed 5,000 affiliates worldwide, and has been doubling every two years.” The inclusions of individuals are extremely diverse with a wide range of characteristics, such as, age, backgrounds, skill levels, experiences, political and religious beliefs and other ideologies. As different as individuals may be, the one common thread has always been to increase their level of fitness. Friendships and emotional bonds that are formed through Crossfit can be stronger than the athletes themselves. The motivation and support is contagious, as everyone is utilizing a great deal of strength and mental endurance to get through the WOD.
Each workout is challenging, but each is scalable to your fitness level. If you’ve been contemplating trying Crossfit or have answered “yes” to many of these questions, then why not give it a try. Watch the video below and look for a location in your area.

Jenny Lee
Jenny Lee


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