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5 Best Supplements For Women Working Out

by Jenny Lee August 20, 2014

 Workout supplements for women

When it comes to men and women, we recognize that not all things are equal. While women can certainly be as strong and athletic as men, the best supplements for women working out may be different based on their weight and workout goals. 

To begin, you might think you don’t need dietary supplements at all. But the truth is, while vitamins are no replacement for healthy, well-rounded, and nutritional eating, supplementing what is on your plate can go a long way towards long term health and a quick recovery from your workouts.

Also bear in mind that dietary supplements are NOT diet pills. Dietary supplements are heavily regulated by the FDA and most of them, such a multivitamins, flaxseed, and even green tea, have been around for decades.

As a woman who works out and cares about her fitness performance, your essential minerals and vitamins needs are quite different from that of a man. Women need to concern themselves with bone density. Working out can prevent the onset of osteoporosis, yet the fact is that women have to be aware that their bones get fragile with age.

Women also have menstrual cycles that affect hormone levels. These surges manifest themselves in physical ways such as bloating, lethargy, and insatiable cravings. Controlling your nutrient levels through natural channels as well as with the appropriate supplements can help women through their cycles.

As a woman, you have different metabolic needs than a man. Our systems are designed differently. Women, by nature, have a higher proportion of body fat and burn body fat preferentially during workouts. (source)

So while you should always pay attention to the food you eat, these supplements can help all women working out frequently:

  1. Fish Oil. Fish oil, or Omega3, is the super supplement. What can’t this little mineral do? Nearly all experts recommend this. The best summary we’ve seen is from

“For those of you that pop ibuprofen like candy everyday, you may be surprised at how much better you feel after taking regular doses of fish oil for a few weeks. After a little research, I learned that fish oils have positive benefits on just about everything from cardiovascular disease to various forms of cancer.” (source)

Fish oil can even aid in fat loss. Invest in the high quality fish oils (over 50% of the total fish oil from EPA and DHA) to avoid high levels of mercury.

  1. Calcium. Women start losing bone density as early as 20 years old. Calcium is proven to keep bones and teeth healthy and strong.
  2. Protein. Protein isn’t just to help weightlifters bulk up. The benefits of protein have gone mainstream with the Atkins and South Beach diet built on their rich, amino acids foundations. Proteins are important for repairing and maintaining body tissues as well as hormones and enzymes in the body that are made of proteins. If you're not getting enough protein from your diet then you need to supplement. Protein gives you the energy you need to power through your workout.
  3. Vitamin D3. This vitamin is a powerful addition to your diet and one that, given our society’s growing concerns over skin cancer, most of us are deficient in. Low levels of D3 have been linked to depression, musculoskeletal disorders such as chronic back pain, and can increase the onset of osteoporosis.
  4. Magnesium.- You may remember Magnesium (Mg) from Chemistry class. Many trainers and nutritionist now refer to this mineral as the "miracle mineral" due to the immense benefits it has on the body. Your body needs over 300 biochemicals reactions to function properly. The human heart is the power house that provides oxygenated blood and restored energy to every major muscle group in your body. Magnesium is the key nutrient that feeds and protects the blood vessels, and the intercellular tissue surrounding the heart. It has been shown to increase energy levels, reduce heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis. When working out, as you increase your level of sweat, you are in turn, depleting your levels of magnesium. Therefore, reducing the energy and muscle recovery your body needs to maximize performance.

Remember that commitment to well-rounded health is important and can keep you stronger, not only at the gym but in your day-to-day routine. Your fitness foundation should be based on your diet and exercise. You supplement to enhance deficiencies depleted, which ultimately begins to increases performance.


Jenny Lee
Jenny Lee


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